#100sareepact is something I came across while listening to songs on Youtube. The idea was intriguing, and I decided to share the stories of beautiful ladies in my family and of course their lovely collection of Sarees… some worn once… some twice… and some never worn at all!
Lots of Sarees and Stories… Thus, I’d like to share all of them here one by one starting with my Mom – Mrs. Shyla Khandelwal.
A gorgeous American Georgette Saree in Ivory. Mom recalls purchasing the saree from one of her Nigerian friends in college. It was a plain fabric and she wanted to add some zing to it but was clueless. Smiling… she said, “My Mother went to Bombay and got this beautiful floral lace”. She stitched the lace herself and got the saree ready for an important occasion of her life… Graduation Day. She graduated in 1974 and wore this saree for the first-time post which it had been waiting to come out of her closet till #100sareepact happened. 44 years now, her joy of wearing the saree for the second time reflects through her face. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend but Sarees second that ?

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