I was asked by Mr Charming Khan @iamsrk how we could get #gennext to embrace our history, our heritage, the saree. Journalists ask me this often also. I think we need to be patient. The saree isn’t going away anywhere. And by letting them come to their roots, oh so slowly, but in their own style , will make it so much more exciting for them. I think we all crave identity, we may run away from it, we may fight it, but we crave it. And none of us can be defined by just one identity either, that would be so limiting. Miss K decided she was going to wear a saree for the viewing of the #Tedtalk on television with my friends, and then on a whim, put on her #snoopy #vansshoes. She stayed in that saree for over five hours, utterly comfortable, playing host to the evening alongside her father and brother. At night when we were returning home she said to me that I need not buy kurtas for Diwali and Indian dressing occasions for her any longer. “I’ll just wear a saree”, she said. Note, this 13 year old wore a #zara jumpsuit to the live talk in Mumbai. Perhaps hearing the talk, seeing the response there, made her think ?