There is nothing unique about this printed green georgette saree with purple blossoms, except for the person wearing it and the girl whose hand she is holding. Separated by seventy one years, the two shared a bond deeper than perhaps even her daughters’ did. A double M.A and PhD, she gave up teaching in a college for bringing up her girls. Some writing, a few radio talks now and then, and the entire married life devoted to the household which was always streaming with guests. Never one to complain, she bore the harshness of people with a quiet dignity. She was best friend, confidant, both teacher and student, mummy and granny all rolled into one, to the girl happily standing beside her in the photograph. They were a perfect match!
For long her harmonium lay un-tuned, packed in a wooden box, only to be used by the girl in the picture years later. Now it lies boxed in. Some of its keys and reeds need repair, but who will play it; for she is no more and the girl, now twenty one is busy pursuing her higher studies in a distant land.