I’ve always maintained that kindness will see us through…in relationships, in sticky situations, in life.
But when kindness comes unannounced and from strangers it can bring you down to your knees in prayer of gratitude.
I came away from the Saree Speak meet today marveling once again at how simply, quickly, organically, yet deeply, we connect with each other through the medium of the saree.
Diverse women from diverse backgrounds and yet united in our stories.
Thank you to each one of you for your generosity of spirit. You did not make me feel like a stranger, I felt like I had come into a family gathering.
Kasturi Reddy, Vini Tandon Keni, Shubhra, Srimoyee, I walked in to the meet today only knowing Dhruti Bal, and I walked away having made so many new friends.
Thank you.
I wore one of my favourite Kanjeevarams to the temple. On it’s aanchal it has elephants & deer and the forest, depicted in gold.
I wish every member in the group the strength of an elephant…we women know what it is to be strong, we are Gaj Gaminis. I wish you abundance of love and laughter depicted in the forest in my pallu, and the grace of a deer.
For what is life worth if it is not lived gracefully ?