I have known Anju since 2006, why did I choose to jump in today? I have a special story to tell and here goes.

1/100 8 Jan 2018
Recently my new Saree’s started piling up. Around the same time my sister who lives in USA posted a few pics of her friends designer Saree as she loved it. I quickly checked YouTube for a tutorial and put my Usha Janome to good use. In 40 minutes I cut two sareesat the mid point and stitched one half with the other half having the pallu, the 2nd Saree would get the pallu of the first and the inner half of the first. If there were attached blouses then the blouse belonging to the inner half would belong to the newly created Saree. Soon it was my school friend’s 50th birthday. I made another 1/2 1/2 Saree, gave one to her and here’s a pic of the one I have.

It’s a special fuzzy feeling, a special joy I feel by sharing one with someone who’s close to me and I keeping one for myself. Of course a nice side effect is that I get more space in my cupboard ? but now I can buy more new Saree’s to create more Saree’s.

This particular one is 1/2 Pune cotton in teal blue and a lovely Maheshwari bought in Girdharilal located in Girgaon Mumbai.

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