Some of us from the #fithealthyhappy group that I run where we support, motivate, scold, cajole each woman in the group to be mindful of her health and well being, both physical and mental.
We’ve each got different goals, following different paths to get there, but the journey gets a little easier when you know you’re well supported.
Best friends ? Perhaps not. Soul sisters ? Yes, we are all walking each other home.
I honoured Neha’s priceless gift to me by wearing it for her. A saree from her trousseau that she presented me on my birthday a couple of years ago, when I had told close friends I did not want new sarees, and I’d rather have a little memory from their wardrobe. This heartfelt and generous offer had me in tears then, and still makes me very, very grateful for the#100sareepact and the bonds we have formed.