This is a story of strong women. Women who have fought against odds to establish their identity.
Each of us has grabbed second chances to be where we are today.
Parama comes from a family of lawyers and practiced law herself till recently. Now she works on her label full time and brings a whiff of her beloved Calcutta to every wardrobe with a Parama original. She has made the city her muse.
Sudha has risen like a Phoenix, in 2015, halfway through the #100sareepactshe went silent on finding out that she was walking about with a tumor in her brain. A quick diagnosis and operation and this warrior emerged victorious. Her craftsmanship at Madras Motifs where she makes every single bag, tote and clutch by hand, is unparalleled.
Neha is our resident sophisticate Me’em and we’ve all admired her style in dressing. In her mid thirties she went back to school, and recently certified as an image consultant. I am confident this will see her realize her full potential.
Kusum changed tracks to begin her own, slow fashion, boutique store…in a world of readymade and mass production she has stood her ground and whole heartedly supports women designers.
I’ve been friend, mentor, agony aunt to most of them and leaned on them when I’ve been down and out.
Some of us knew each other from before, but all of us connected together on the pact.
Here we are two years, and more, from when the pact began…here we are, together, in person, for the first time.
There’s two more women not in the photo but they complete my story. Sreemoyee sent me this saree when I went looking for a fish motif. We have a connection, she and I. We too met on the pact.
And Geetanjali designed the fish jewellery I’m wearing. I saw the earrings, remembered my saree gift and had to complete the circle by putting them together today.