In my journey to #fitatfifty I’ve looked within and without to will myself to be#fithealthyhappy. A deep belief that taking care of ones health is the only way I can become a better me and letting go of negativity has brought me standing to where I am today #fitnotskinny. But I would be foolish if I did not acknowledge the people who helped me on my journey. Meet @sahanajags, my beautiful, strong friend who dances so very elegantly at #Zumba, but will kick your butt in a #Kettlebell & #bodypump class as well. For me this gennext embodies strength in a woman like no other time has before. A space scientist, studying the physiological changes in humans in zero gravity, she straddles the world of fitness just as comfortably as she did research for NASA and she ain’t giving up on either dream anytime soon. I remember walking into her Zumba class the first time and walking out totally impressed with her sense of timing, rhythm and connect with her audience. Then I found out more about her and was blown away by all the woman that she has become. Any guide in the world will be lucky to have her as their PhD student. Sahana, whoever you may choose to be, I’m cheering for you as you dance to the tune of your choices in life.