#77 comes with a dose of nostalgia. The saree I wore for the baby shower of my first born – a silk in rich green and black, with golden buttis all over. Green was the norm for such ceremonies and black was a taboo back then. I had a lot of green sarees already so wanted one in a different color. When asked to pick whatever I liked, as long as it was green, the rebel in me promptly brought home this combo in green and black, and draped it for the event 🙂

Several years back I stained this saree (don’t remember how) in one spot. I gave it to the dry cleaners to get the stain out. Alas! While the stain did fade a wee bit, the saree came back with huge blotches all over it – the kind you get when you sprinkle water and then iron a fabric, only, in the ironing the blotch goes away. This one, or rather, these ones, were here to stay. Of course the dry cleaner promptly denied any involvement in this mess, and it did not help that this was a new one that my Mom had taken the saree to. 🙁

And so the saree stayed folded away in my wardrobe for over a decade. Every time I thought I should try to find some tips to get the blotches out, even asked a couple of places but nothing positive came out. At one time I also thought of dyeing the entire saree black, but for nostalgic reasons wanted to keep it as it was.

Then yesterday, I was to attend a “barasa” (naming ceremony) where the theme was Indian traditional and black preferred!!! And I remembered this saree. Brought it out and unfolded it and realized to my delight that over the years the blotches had faded till they were barely visible :-):-)

So here it is, draped after a long long gap, matched perfectly with my green and antique gold set.