My earliest recollection is seeing my mom swap home saree to evening/party wear sarees. My mom would leave her saree on her bed if she came late and had to attend to household work. I would attempt to drape the saree around me by simply weaving it around me( a la mumtaz style) and then behold tripping and falling,
I got my first silk saree at age 12 and kept receiving at various milestones when I graduated 12th, college and finally my #wedding trousseau. Being told how to drape a saree, to work the pleats and pallu my #101 on Sarees. I saw my aunts/grandmom carry so effortlessly I wonder.
I then went through a phase where I stopped wearing them having young ones felt was not practical and thought its just too much work. I cam across this 100 saree pact on twitter and fell in love. I also started appreciating this 5 yard wonder.
I am wiser known my 30’s(my solace of not wearing them earlier) . I luv textiles, I love to collect from each region and there is a story behind each saree, My grandma has a saree bought for 80Rupees #mysoresilk #KSIC by my grandfather on her wedding day. I had a thin film of tears when I saw the beautiful saree n realize what a history each saree can be!
I am still a novice here but attaching few pics of my attempt in showcasing #makeinIndia #silk #cotton#chikankari #Kanchi #kota #Iluvhandloom

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