Hello all,

I was searching for some handwoven online saree to shop and i come to read about this blog. well i would love to became a part of it and to share my love and experiance for the saree till this age.
Journey to love a saree started from childhood when i use to say my grand ma that give all your sarees to me as property and nothing else i want. to see my grand ma, mother,and teachers wearing saree always inspired me.
when i came to my teenage i think i started wearing saree on occassions since i was in 10th
i always got appreciation and encouragement to wear this 6 feet long drape around me from my mom and friends.
i was waiting for those days where i can wear saree daily.
well i have bought many sarees for my self till now and as a part of my new initiating i have started wearing saree every weekend to my office. I am loving it ..infact i wait all week for saturdays to come.
i hope this way i can inspire my other officemates ,friends and readers to wear and make this outfit more popular amongst our new generation.
due to my interest in saree and to know the details about it so i can buy a right one , i am also going through many blogs,videos and handloom and art designers to get my knowledge of material,design,history and weaving methods.
i m proud to wear saree and to know we have got vast varieties in style,material,making etc in my country for this too.hope to continue my saree intiatives and post here to know more and share more.
thanking you,