Usually, I like looking at people…airports, like many other transit points can be interesting places. I once attended a talk by Jeffery Archer, the author of many best sellers, and he said that to be a good writer, one must learn to observe people, and who knows some day they may become characters in your story. I found that an interesting thought, and so I do this while I wait, at stations, at airports, while travelling in a bus or train.
And this time while waiting at the airport, I was looking out for sarees…see how the pact has grown into me:-) I was trying to guess the saree material, which part of India it could have come from, and so on. It was a nice way to pass the time, and soon I found myself composing this post. So here it is, this post composed en route, with me in my dark green cotton silk. And presto! I have discovered one more thing that can be done while waiting