“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.”
— Jim Rohn

Last week has been quite taxing,yet inspiring.I tried to keep up my positivity which I regained back after lot of serious efforts.Sachchiii….!!! Amidst lot of stress,I successfully accomplished all my tasks(majorly household). Yes,you are right ,I am a “one – man – army” who gets the minimal assistance from a maid only for cleaning and mopping.Rest all is my responsibility,including cooking,dusting re-arranging stuff,laundry,etc,etc.With my re-occurring health issues,I am not left with my strength and capacity to run around the house 24/7,like an ideal Indian housewife is expected to once she is married.

I have been managing household since quite an young age of 12.I used to manage most of it inside the house,yet sometimes had to step out solo for grocery shopping,too.I learnt cooking at an early age of 14,including round chapatis.It was “no-choice-an-obvious-obligation” which I to fulfill being the eldest child in the family and mom wasn’t well off and on.

The face of responsibilities haven’t changed much.They are almost the same,though now I feel responsible for my husband and my family.In the long run,we shape our lives and we shape ourselves.The process never ends until we die.At times, we forget ourselves and ignore ourselves to the core.Even then,the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility.Looks like a vicious circle,where you are supposed to behave responsibly and are responsible for what you choose,sacrificing or ignoring your own-self.

With so many thoughts about responsible behavior,I draped my MILs 30-35 year old chiffon navy blue.It has a border pallu pattern with horizontal resham threads creating stripes,giving a slender look.Drapes so easily,very comfortable for an all day wear and has a smells of what a pure,strong and responsible woman can be,that’s my MIL.She is definitely the pillar of strength for the family.This sarees passes on that special feeling of responsibility,love and compassion what she epitomizes.

Love this quote by Winston Churchill,”The price of greatness is responsibility”
Dedicating it to all lovely ladies who give relentless performance in every sphere of life.Hats off!!!