Happy to be back in the pact after a long gap. Though not having the time to post my stories in the pact, saree twice a week became regular part of my dressing schedule. Happy abt that and all credit goes to the pact.
Recently I have been to my native (Tirunelveli) after 10 loonngggg years. Enjoyed every bit of my travel. Shared my childhood memories with my son. I wanted to buy a sungudi saree from my home town, so we visited Pothys and purchased one (which I will post soon). This saree caught the eye of my hubby dear and he liked this saree very much. He told me to take this too. Though it didn’t appeal much to me, the love in his eyes made me to take this too. Will always cherish this saree. In the shop they informed that this is a chappa saree from Bihar. Someone who knows abt this saree, please enlighten me. 🙂