East meets West, literally ! Chose this DKNY viscose wrap-top to pair with a simple Bylou ‘Abir’ sari from Kolkata (West Bengal),for an impromptu lunch with another saree-pacter!
The sari had just been couriered to me the day before hence no co-ordinating blouse was available. This did not deter me from going with “Fusion” wear! The green on the anchal matched luckily with the soft tie-around. I let the string hang from my waist.
The Drape?! I flattened the pleats around the waist for a smooth finish ; the old-fashioned 6-kali under-slip gave a nice flare while the anchal was kept hanging loose. I am a Bengauli and I remember my grannies wearing their linen saris in the typical wrap-style daily. This made me think, that it has to be very user-friendly. I just tweaked it a bit for a more modern drape. Trust me, it is very comfortable!