Joining the #100sareepact. #1/100
Heard about the saree pact , saw some posts and got completely over-awed. A family friend Deepa Kamat once asked me why I did not join since she knew I loved sarees. Went back home and opened my cupboard to see piles of sarees, some in saree bags preserved for eternity, others hanging in rows hoping to be (re)worn soon and many others still in their cardboard boxes and plastic covers awaiting fall and pico, blouse pieces still in the saree. And then I decided to join! My favourite colours, black, white and red comes together this one from Chennai. Soft, light and comfortable the silk drapes well and brings back memories of all the saree shopping sprees I went on with lady colleagues (and now friends,) after our meetings in Chennai ! Everyone tried out pallus in the mirror, waited for gasps of appreciation from others, for compliments on the chosen one, sometimes kicking themselves for not having spotted the one earlier. It was a lot of fun and holds wonderful memories of these after-work diversions. Standing in the saree shops, everyone forgot about the arguments at the meeting, differences of opinions. One beautiful thing united us all all – the saree.