Happy Wedding Anniversary to me  Twenty years of togetherness and fun and joy completed this Republic Day. The day had been carefully chosen so that we would always get a holiday on our anniv  Had made some hatke plans this time but hubby twisted his ankle (while trying to walk, carry some boxes and speak to me on the phone all at the same time) just two days earlier and ended up with a torn ligament. So a peaceful day at home it was, and good time spent with the family 
Decided to still dress up for a while so draped this #49 – a dark lavender crepe with beautiful Kashmiri embroidery. Had bought this a few years back from Kasat, for my Mom. Even while giving it to her I had told her I will be borrowing it soon; I had neither this color nor anything with this embroidery in my own wardrobe! So got it from her few weekends back and paired it with an off-white blouse from another saree, to go with the embroidery colors  Accessorized with a glass bead set in black, white and purple.

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