Fall – the season when nature erupts in a burst of colors – fiery reds, burnt orange, muted yellow…. Trees shower down their leaves in these hues and the ground looks like a magical carpet.

Fall – a little strip of cloth, 5 inches by 5 yards, that hold a saree in place, ensuring no upturning, inturning or any other misbehavior from the bottom ends of the saree…

Meet #48, my Fall Saree.
A printed silk in hues of all the Fall colors. One of my favourites, a saree that feels as beautiful as it looks. I’ve had this for many years now, and every time I drape it I am reminded of happy memories of the Fall colors in Smoky Mountains. (No, I didn’t drape it then, but somehow my mind always makes that association).

This morning as I was choosing the blouse for this saree and lost between black, mustard yellow and orange, I started humming the catchy number with irritating lyrics …. Saree ke fall se kabhi match kiya re…. On a whim, I checked the fall color for the saree and the decision was made – orange 🙂

P.S. – the picture today has a bit of crop, cut & paste, as I tried to bring the fall colors into the frame, unfortunately with very limited success. But anyway, bit of a crazy mood today, so this is how it goes!!

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