This one came to me once again as a gift for some family wedding (realizing now that I seem to have a lot of these gifts of love :-)). I examined it and promptly put it away as a “simple saree”. Given that I then draped sarees only on occasions, this Plain Jane sparrow colored cotsilk did not really capture my imagination.

Now with me almost midway through the pact I have started digging up all my sarees and looking at them with new eyes 🙂 And suddenly this one looked gorgeous to me. Simple, and simply elegant.

So here is #46 – a traditional piece with origins somewhere in South India; a chic sparrow color defined by a maroon palla and a golden border flanked by a thin maroon band. Small buttis adorn the body. But the highlight of yesterday’s drape to a haldi kumkum was the perfectly matching blouse, which comes from a different saree! And of course my simple accessories for the day being my mangalsultra and a big red bindi 🙂 both of which rarely make an appearance on me!

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