Wish you all a happy makar Sankranti!

#45 – one of my most favourite sarees, and a very old one. Another gift from a favourite cousin, Saroj tai. This saree has a nice story of how it came to be mine…. Saroj tai and I were at a wedding together, she draped in this beautiful saree and I just could not take my eyes off it. This was btw in my college days, when I rarely wore sarees. I kept complimenting her on the saree all the time, until finally she told me that if I complimented her one more time she would take the saree off and give it to me then and there!! And of course compliment her I did 🙂 Shaadi over I went back home and same evening got a neat parcel with the saree and a note “couldn’t take it off there but the moment I could I packed it off and sent it to you” :-):-)

So here it is – my Narayan peth with a typical green border and very non typical black and white checks on the body. Turned out this saree had actually been a gift to Saroj tai herself from her SIL, a lady whose exquisite saree collection I have gawked at ever since I can remember. I always wanted to ask her where she found all those awesome sarees, and humbly ask if I could join her on one of her shopping trips. Sadly, she passed away in an accident long ago, way before I could summon up the courage to ask.

Draping this saree that has been a double gift of love, today on Makar Sankranti. Ensuring all Maharashtrian traditions are met for the day – traditional Narayan Peth saree, color black, and my old style tanmani mangalsutra and kudi earrings 🙂

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