My saree posts are back, which means I’m in chennai…but this particular post isn’t about ‘my’ saree. It happened just before I left for chennai.
Back to back meetings, travelling…hectic hectic!! Very serious n intense day. And the only thing that’ll cheer me up is the Bangalore weather & of course another happy saree! But my happy saree was in chennai. Hmmm.
Anyways, this is the first time I’ve worn these earrings. My ‘cheer me up’ ones. They were gifted by a very very dear friend from Hyderabad.
I’m not too fond of pearls–rather…I’m picky about them. I fall in luv with the asymmetric or coloured ones but not the common plasticky too-fake-to believe they’re pearls.
So she took it as a challenge to find me one that I’ll fall in luv with! Gosh was she successful! I couldn’t refuse them!!
But she passed away in an unfortunate accident & I didn’t have the heart to wear them.
Today I have. She was one of my biggest support systems & today I’m recollecting all her words of luv n support.
But they kinda felt out of place without a happy saree.
So…this is where fairy godmothers come into place. My friend’s mum who knew all about the pact says–“Beta, we all have happy sarees na. Borrow one of mine today. That’s all.”
And I did. Took the earrings to pair them up. Lol. Matched and done.
We all need our Cinderella wardrobe moments and our fairy godmothers!

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