#100sareepact #sareesin2016 This Telia Rumali can look good even after having been worn the whole day ! And after one long day at work I find myself , in the crushed but still elegantly draped soft as a Rumal .
And so relieved because I want to look my best for this gracious and charming lady in a gorgeous Bengal red gold and cream creation who at ninety looks so awesome and stately . Protima ji , wife of maestro Salil Choudhary whose tunes and melodies our hearts and souls still thrill to.
At the Bimal Roy Retrospective and the film begins with the incredibly melodious Hariyala Sawan Dhol bajaata aaya and Mrs Salil da’s eyes brighten up with pride and joy .
She tells me later how , when the film was being made , Balraj Sahani came to Calcutta and spent rigorous time learning to pull and then pulling a rickshaw regulatory on the streets so that he could essay the role with authenticity .
And then Bimal da took them all to Shanti Niketan where for three days all studies were suspended and there was only music , music and more music and many broken hearts over the handsome Balraj !!

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