Besides the Kanjeevaram and the cotton handlooms, I also like printed silk sarees, they are much lighter and easy to wear. This particular saree is about 20 years old, I bought it in Bangalore, and at first it seemed too strong, too bold for me. It’s a deep shade of rose, with small maroon mango prints which deepen the rose shade. The pallu has strong geometric prints and is equally striking. But this saree also has a tale to tell. It was the saree I experienced my one and only (touch wood) car accident. In my first job, as a lecturer in Uniten, I was told by the Dean that we should wear traditional dress on Fridays and he suggested that something like a kebarung. Of course I had other ideas so I used to turn up in these printed silk sarees every Friday. One Friday when rushing to work cos Uniten is far from where I live, I was involved in a bad accident. My mum’s car was totalled and was in the workshop for 3 months. For the longest time I could not wear this beautiful saree, because I felt it carried the vibes from the accident but recently these feelings have worn off and I’ve started wearing it again. Pix credit: Noelle. Yes, I had to don a saree so that she could take this pix for the game of sarees! Also happy back to school, back to work Monday for almost all Malaysians! Make the first working day of the year a great one! Saree #2/100, worn Jan 4th

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