#81-l m not going to tell about difficulty in wearing sarees in pregnancy. Oh its problem of we Bananasi. In rainy season roads ofBanaras make us cry a lot . I feel comfortable in using scooty in duty . But what happens during rains.l was posted at BHU hosp for a contractual job . During rains BHU also becomes flooded n roads full of mud,slippery,dug here n there . Neither l left my job nor l left my saree . Once just becoz of ignorance of alternative path l was submerged in water upto knee.l was not ready to go back.l made my saree somewhat marathi style n finally reached my destination.Thereafter l also started putting one extra saree to change in duty after my saga.Today’s saree is from my mom’s wardrobe.Its a soft silk of jamuni colour with golden border.

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