First saree of 2016! and my 53rd on the pact
I took inspiration from a fellow pacter who wears her mom’s sarees every year as the first saree of the year and here I am in an almost 30 year old chanderi! I have memories of seeing this on my mom when I was growing up and waiting for the day that I could wear sarees as effortlessly as she did and does now too.
I brought this saree back from lucknow almost 6 months back but didn’t have the right colour of petticoat and since the saree is very transparent, it had to be the right shade of maroon. Serendipity played in and a close friend’s mum brought it to KL from lucknow for me! Yippee
One sad part though – noticed a few places where the saree is fraying from frown emoticon
Couldn’t manage to get a colleague to take a picture so selfies would have to suffice!

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