#43, a Belgaum silk that came as a gift to me for a family wedding, has been lying as is in my wardrobe for ages. Somehow the shade and the silk both did not appeal to me when I got it and I thought I would just use it to make a kurta instead. After all, most of my sarees were just occupying space in my wardrobe before the pact!

But then the pact happened. And I started looking at each saree afresh. Old and new, all sarees got fresh attention, new / mix-matched blouses, and most of all, air, sunshine and love 🙂 I re-examined this lavender and brown saree and thought to myself – how could I just tear this royal saree for a small kurta?

So picked a not so matching golden blouse, and draped this off without even waiting to get the fall-piko done 🙂 The saree did not fall very well as a result of this, and the border stayed a bit upturned, which actually ended up giving it an evening gown effect!

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