All of us have had that phase where we would play with dolls and dress them up…*sheepish grin…admit it. We’ve surely been there and done that ;p
I’ve had the rare pleasure of watching my mum do that grin emoticon grin emoticon grin emoticon…*biggest grin ever!
She would decorate the idols in the house for festivals! And what made it all the more exciting, was that she’d dress them up in…SAREES!
I somehow could never fathom how she’d manage to drape an entire saree on a 3 foot lamp!
Quickly everyone started asking her to dress up their idols & lamps in sarees…even temple priests!! Well…she’s been doing it for over 30 years, so you can imagine how good she’d be at it.
I’d help her out at times when she would do them in a large scale…but frankly I’d just go to see her weave her magic with those sarees.
Yes there was a colour code…lol..So, that’s me in my big grin & us in our yellow sarees

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