Yesterday, I had the honor to be invited to, and to attend a one of a kind wedding reception. Zero waste, eco-friendly, fully recycled and vegan. Party favors were saplings for trees which need very little care apart from being in the ground. Members of Hasirudala, literally translated from Kannada- The green gang, a group of women garbage-pickers, who have been trained to sort garbage, compostable and recyclable, were hired to sort the food and dry waste generated by the 25000 strong horde of humanity that descended on Bangalore palace yesterday. And I saw them diligently at work. I think someone needs to set an example, and I am glad that I know this person who made the effort to do so.

For this, I wore a loaned Telia, a one of a kind saree. I also met a fellow pacter, the lady in lilac, Pinky, if someone would connect me with her, I would be grateful. She is a member of the press.

The rest is not important.
Number 85 of the ‪#‎100sareepact‬

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