It’s 20 years back….. A young man came n handed me a gift wrapped in a colorful wrapping paper tied with a golden ribbon. He said…’ I have to give you something….. So this is it. Open n see wether you like it or not…’ My eyes wide open … Thrilled …. And saw a vibrant colored Saree…a kanjivaram…. Sukanya Designer…..
‘ It’s pretty expensive ‘ immediately these are the words that came out….

Ya.. It is…
Then … How you managed.. He replied with the same innocent smile on his face…. With the first scratch on my credit card.
I treasured the saree deep in my cupboard… And got a chance to wore it n really enjoyed draping myself n still felt the warmth.
It was on the occasion of my first baby shower. — celebrating love at Gubhra,muscat Oman.

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