The first saree I wore on the pact was almost a year ago, 15 Jan 2015. I had just got up from a bout of bad cough and cold. You know how Delhi winters are. That was a time I lived almost 50 km away from my work place as our own house in Gurgaon was being renovated. The long almost 100 km drive from Delhi to Gurgaon and back every day would leave me quite exhausted, besides a full day at work. There had been no me-time for last six months before that, with life in a critical transition phase. One fine day I came across this funny thing on FB called #100SareePact. It was intriguing. I had always loved my sarees but was slowly veering towards more convenient westerns. But that day as I popped the umpteenth antibiotic pill of my course, I felt this urge to look for this bright red and navy blue Kanjeevaram. What a bright sheen the saree had. I draped it and instantly felt better, brighter. Put on a big bindi to boot. I was feeling well, looking well. There began a new love affair….with my sarees.