Your best friend’s wedding is always special. Sometimes more special than yours because you get to actually contribute to all of the chaos and to a large extend be solely responsible for managing it too. I’ve been lucky enough to be right in the centre of all the madness for two of my best friends – Mugdha and Jo D-Mc. This story is about Mugdha’s who is our Queen MC. The only diligent student in college who made sure we had the right set of notes photocopied to prepare for our “lastminute.co.in” exams. Or the one who refused to eat any vegetables ever and the one who was addicted to chai since birth. The most filmy of us lot.. Who swears by her job and lives it to her very core… who wouldn’t if you were marketing films from the Yashraj banner!? MC we laaaauuuuv you!
So today, I’m wearing this printed Tussar that she gifted us girls at her wedding keeping in mind our very specific choice and reminiscing the crazy dance numbers, dhol tasha, ghoda-gaadi and the chance meeting with Ranveer Singh! The rest is a blur… and you know why…. 🙂

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