Orange is commonly associated with words like amusement, the unconventional, extroverts etc.
I have a different story to share.
For me, Orange gets associated with the Sun smile emoticon
Saree Story
Few summers back in a very candid note I asked my beloved “What is your favourite colour”?
(Though Blue remains a perpetual preference for me, yet I shift colour preferences to wear with time and mood.)
Well he said, he likes so many colours.
I probed “Na na, what is YOUR favourite colour? Have I not paid any attention to this before? I don’t know your likings?? “
“It is, it is (a short pause) KOMOLA. ORANGE”!
It was such an innocent answer from him.
To my surprise, on that day very day I realized, I did not have a single thread of Orange, not even a closer shade, in my wardrobe.
The first chance I got was the next weekend, while in Bangalore (for an official work), went to a mall, and to my surprise I got this beautiful orange chiffon which was also “On SALE” from a Big Indian Saree Brand.
This colourful chiffon not only has this vibrant look & feel, but also is a combination of bright colours like turquoise -blue, magenta. The anchal and border has heavy sequenced work.
The Moment/Occasion
95/100 #100sareepact I wore for the first time to attend one of office pal’s engagement. This picture remains one of my favourites, forever.
Since the day I bought and actually wore the saree, Orange colour has a different meaning to me.
I prefer relating Orange with the Sun. The Orange Sun, with whom I can have an eye-contact.
In this life canvas of my sky, the sun looks beautiful Orange either in Dawn or Dusk.
It’s a coincident, but it’s true, the meaning of my beloved’s name is also “SUN”!
Though, these days I can hardly see the sunshine in my shoulders since the sun has vanished from my sky but that does not mean the Sun is gone….
The Sun rises from East every day and falls flat in West, and I pray this will continue till the last breadth of my Life; only the perspective has changed and sunshine can be seen in some other ‘s sky……!

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