Wearing it with pride and standing tall
This year since I joined the pact in April, it has given me so so much! It’s increased my confidence in carrying these 6 yards of tradition, shortened my saree draping duration to simply minutes, made it my garment of choice for almost all occasions, increased my saree collection wink emoticon and augmented my knowledge of weaves and textiles by leaps and bounds, made everyone happy around me including my husband, my mother and earned me the best compliment from my MIL – accha hai saree pehene wali bahu mili hai grin emoticon!
It’s given assurance to both the moms that their sarees are in good hands and I’m the perfect candidate for such inheritance!
And the best achievement is that my colleagues here in KL, Malaysia ask me out rightly now – why not in saree today lah! 🙂
For all this and more, thank you to Ally and Anju and the entire saree pact family! Much love!
BTW, this saree is another one of those that was picked by mom and me for MIL and she thought it was too transparent for her! It’s happily made its way into my cupboard! 🙂

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