#62-l wear this saree on gown also when l hv to go fast to pick up my kids sometimes from school.(ha..haa) to keep my promise to wear only saree.l drape it so nicely on gown that nobody can guess covering my shoulder n arms with pallu.l mean to say that saree is not a difficult or cubersome dress,manage it in any condition like our mothers.Once l had to go in duty in afternoon when l was in ICU but suddenly my colleague phoned me to come immediately as he was sick.l pomptly got ready in saree seeing no mirror,walked on foot for a long distance to come outside my colony as no vehicle was working,l called an autorickshaw to go fast,rushed over ramp of hosp.,&then l was at the door pf CCU.Colleague n staffs started crying-Ghost…….(ha. haa).So practice will make a woman perfect.This is crepe silk saree with prints like painted flowers.