This is one of my two favorite sarees for a wedding drape. Easy to drape, slim fit look, a bit of bling and I am ready to go. Have worn this beauty from Pallod to grace several weddings to date. I draped it recently, but posting an earlier pic from the wedding of a dear friend, also as it is with another dear colleague and friend, the shy Lisse. This was the first Indian wedding experience for Lisse, and she enjoyed every bit of it 🙂

#37 – a crepe silk saree in orange, pink and green, with gold zaree work all over to add an element of bling. The palla is a nice combo of horizontal and vertical stripes in the same colors. I pair it with a designer blouse and muted gold and orange jewelry. The saree always gives me a dressy as well as “little girl” feel. This is one saree I prefer draping in the seedha palla style to showcase the palla. In this picture, I have tried the “mermaid drape”, a variant of the seedha palla, just longer and more flowy 🙂

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