I am back here ladies.The saree fever has gripped me not since I joined the pact ,but since childhood.And it could materialise later when I was in college.My knowledge about sarees was quite limited.Only few fabrics echoed in my saree song ..like,silks,chiffons,georgettes or cottons.Since,I joined this pact,it’s a great journey where I am learning everyday about the names and varieties of fabric.Though,at times I am still clueless about it,specially when it comes from old treasures of my MIL.

So,it happened to me today,again.I took out the whole stash (remember…my sneak peak in her khazana on my last visit home) and the one grabbed my attention.It’s some kinda #navy blue #printed #satinsilk with an all over print.This saree is typically which looks like as draped by the “Air India air-hostesses” and it’s very soft and light drape.Teamed up with my favourite danglers and a touch of lipgloss….that’s it.

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