What’s on my mind?
‪#‎Worldsareeday‬ of course and undoubtedly ‪#‎100sareepact‬
If I were Rajnikanth I would say it all in one line — “I can walk saree, talk saree, breathe saree and live saree..”
The earliest memory of me tying a saree on my own is when I was 8 yrs old. Yup 8. Such is my passion. I have photographs from 9 yrs on.
Birthday? Saree.
Friends’s birthday? Saree.
Rain? Saree.
Spring? Saree.
Nice Sunny day? Saree.
No mood to go to work? Saree.
Super motivated to go to work? Saree.
Endless reasons, countless occasions, too many memories. All woven in my heart…
I have broken my Engineering college dress code, corporate IT dress code (India and USA) to wear saree when I felt like. My friends know this.
I had been closely following the #100sareepact and enjoyed each memory and the masterpiece. I wish to catch up at least with few of my dear memories from this year (hard to choose!). However, I could not have let go the opportunity to participate in World saree day today.
Here’s what I was up to this evening, and equally partnering in my crime is my best friend – Ma (MIL isn’t my style).
Wish one and all a happy saree day. Keep calm and saree on
BIIIIGG SHOUT OUTS to Bhang (Swathy!) for my lovely ikat blouse & Thamboori Silks (Uthra) for the beautiful sarees I and Ma are wearing

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