57/100 – At 12 AM I informed the husband that I was going to change into my favorite saree to celebrate the #worldsareeday. He jumped up and started setting up the equipments to take a photograph of me in my black banarasi saree. This is the photo from that late night shoot!

Wearing saree has finally become very everyday for me. I do not even plan what I am going to wear the next day. Sarees have all moved to the front of my wardrobe. It takes me barely few minutes to drape a saree and I do not care about matching blouses with sarees anymore. I do not need an excuse to wear a saree anymore infact when I am not in a saree, people have started asking me “why no saree today?” I wear my saree with pride and ease like my mom. The #100sareepact has make my love for saree stronger, my knowledge of saree wider and respect for weavers deeper. Happy World Saree Day !

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