12/100 this year.


It’s another day, just another day! What makes it special is few things are happening for the FIRST TIME today! A day that we all will cherish in our own ways,yessssss…..it’s #firstsareeday on #21december #2015.A landmark in the history of six yard.It is a challange every Indian woman is taking across the globe.It’s a journey that rolled on with an initiative by Anju Maudgal Kadam and Ally Mathan.Hats off ladies!!! Salutes to all the gorgeous women have come together and draped the saree unceasingly,everyday with so much enthusiasm.

My journey began quite late with this pact and was intermittent due to various reasons.I had stayed away from my favourite drape for last couple of years and just grabbbed a kurti,suit or western wear.May be I was lazy or just ignoring what I loved always.As I got introduced to this lovely gang (worldwide) of saree lovers,I started realising how much I relish each saree I possess.I started living,enjoying,savouring,each time I saw a post on #Do100sareepact.All you saree lovers,lovely women out there have given it back to me.Each comment I have posted for each saree I loved on the pact was right from my heart.Amiliya,has come across so many lovely souls and friends who didn’t seem stranger on the first connect.LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Ab sabki tareef karne ke baad kuch apni baare mein bhi to bolun.Mere saath bhi aaj kuch pehli baar hua hai.Curious 😉 😉 …aagey padho na….!

This lovely saree is one from my MILs treasure.Recently,on my last visit to my home,I was on prowl, sneaked in my MILs almirah and acquired few old beauties for myself.Yaayyy…with all due permission,ofcourse.LOL.

It’s a Garden Varelli silk saree in #kumkum colour or dark scarlet one with self designs in the weave which saw the light of the day after many years.She might have worn it many times and basked in the glory surely.It draped softly,easily and quickly,sachchii! As if it’s a part of my own skin.And to my surprise,I blushed when I saw myself in the mirror.Wow! Now,I own this lovely saree,MIL said so.Yaaayyyy! Another reason to rejoice.Yipeee!! #firstacquisitionfromMIL

Now,comes the next.The shining one and only #silverkeybunch is another gift from my MIL and I have adorned it for the first time.#firstsilverkeybunch

let’s move on to the next.This lovely fresh water pearl neckpiece with a matching bracelet**looks like a bangle** and earrings is the first jewellery purchase by my dear hubby when he visited Hyderabad,probably in 2012.He was doubtful,if it will suit me or if I would like it.We didn’t had smartphones and whatsapp to his rescue.He did try his best and manged a smart,royal looking and elegant buy,finally.I loved it.The moment I saw it,there was a faint design on my mind which I shall model whenever I shall adorn it in future.#firstjewellerygift

With so many FIRSTs happening this day,It is indeed and will be so special for me always.I am humbled to be a part of the #100sareepact.