Love you mom n this is for you because you are evergreen for me .This beautiful striped cotton saree in green and pallu is in yello stipes gifted by my friend Lalita. This saree is dedicated to my mother. Mother’s love is something indescribable. We all know about mother’s love which is selfless. I cant say my mother is something special. All mothers are always specials to each n everyone on this earth. Being a mother I know about my mother who is selfless in everthing she did. My love for saree born from my mother who is in saree like 24/7. She is evergreen heroine for me. She used to get up early in the morning and she did all the household chores in a saree. She used her pallu to bring down hot tea from stove, to wipe my face after my facewash in the early morning, wipe out my dirty hand. I used to hide behind her pallu whenever I feel shy to strangers. Pallu is always something special for me for hide n seek during my childhood days. She used to have harly one or two costly sarees but she always remained in simple sarees. She never demanded for a kanjeevaram saree. She never know about different types of sarees. She used to wear whatever available to her. She never asked anything from my father. She never enjoyed the comforts of life like washingmachine, mixy, friz. We never used any electronic items for comforts of life. She used to wash with her hand eventhough it is mindnight coz we used to have one set of school dress. I am enjoying all the comforts but she really worked hard at that time. There is so much to say about her it is endless. She is always ever green goddesses for me. She is physically no more but her soul has found a beautiful place in heaven as she has done her duties perfectly. I am not perfect in writing my expressions to pen it perfectly. But somehow I managed because mother’s love is indescribable. Love to all mothers on earth.

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