20/100 @#100sareepact! Already!

This is my version of a Rekha saree! So it’s called Rekha, my favourite diva. No prizes for guessing that she’s a Kanjeevaram, possibly from Bhojraj, Kolkata!

She came to me in 2006 during a meet-the-parents, of Kingshuk Pal and Naaheed Mukadam in London, from my sis- in-law, Ajita Pal another saree treasury! It was hers and she initially loaned it as I was only on a holiday with no formals. And then she wouldn’t take it back…. I mean, whoever does that? …. ‘Cos it looks good on me, as she believes! There’s sisterly love for you, which a saree so well expresses.

No photos from that occasion, but the next one was a massive surprise in 2011, when we were told that we were to go to the Ritz for high tea, a silver wedding anniversary gift from the Pals. In a streeeeeeeetch limo! This post celebrates that occasion and my most recent photo in it with my niece of sorts (and a pal).

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