19/100 @ #100sareepact.
This is Alpana, my first saree from Kaushiki’s, Paikpara, Kolkata. What I like about Kaushiki is not just her name, as she’s my daughter’s namesake, but her attention to detail. MANY more from her later!

This dhonekhali cotton is stitched half and half with the appliqués patch running diagonally graduated upwards. But see how the upper border is also graduated, I’ve not pinned the saree .. It is stitched from broad to narrow, as it is wrapped, from back to front!

Pink and blue, my fav colours, and the promise of a day out in this half cloudy half sunny day match the mood! Parama Ghosh your postcard, framed now, also wears my colours.
Forgot to add : photos courtesy Inveterate Admirer, another enthu cutlet, Subroto Roy.The

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