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Yes, yesterday was mothers’ day , but then which day isn’t? She told me she would dress up and pose today, before the doctor’s visit.

Bela is her sari, and mine is Nita, our mother’s names.

A very simple Venkatgiri cotton is hers, Bela, suitable for the heat and to stand before a camera, come on, she knows….

A simple Kolkata chhapa saree… Alpana border and folksy print make the soft light saree, Nita, a hit with me on a sultry evening. Thanks didi, Ajita Pal, who gave it to my mother… A gift from her boro meye, eldest daughter! And a special hug for another daughter for the lovely song sung on Mother’s Day .. Dear Preeta Nilesh, another daughter.

This post is all about relationships so my sister Debalina Gupta is here in our hearts, and our daughters peep from behind. Ana, Chunni, Nanu, Gullu…. The beloved grandchildren.
As we famously declare, we are three generations of two daughters beginning with my mother and her sister! It’s Happy Mother’s Day always here! Photos : Sarojendu Gupta