94/100 @ #100sareepact


That’s what I call you
Smiling bride…
All the images
Smiling… As if always so amused
Always, always, only smiling
As though it’s all a passing joke!
Red and gold signifying
Marriage, change, a wedding night….
A partner known for just ten months!

Just short of full thirty years
Roller coaster, laughter and tears.
Smiling though, always smiling,
Red and gold, two daughters shining!

But like the red-gold tangail Saree
Old and yet never not shining
Always always always shining
As if it’s the dark defining…
You Suhasini, always striving.

Dearest partner, always eager
Photo-shooter, pose-editor,
A hundred words of gratitude
Would seem all mere platitude…
Thank you I’d love to say
For being there every day.

Suhasini I cherish forever,
Respect, love, nurture, honour.

Photo credits. Preeta Nilesh

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