93/100 @#100sareepact

Piu. Because that’s whose wedding return-gift this was. Sakuntala Gupta whose birthday it is today gave it to me, again, for NOT attending her daughter Priyanka Sengupta and Saugata Sengupta’s wedding… Joking… She gave it to me for love. Because she was my childhood idol, boro didi whom I watched from close quarters admiringly, listened to hostel stories, college fun and idhar idhar ki baatein, you know what I mean! Anindya Gupta and she were always the loving and kind didi-jamaibabu of my teenage years. Anindya da had been the indispensable Man Friday at my wedding. When he went suddenly, in 1990, I was not told, as I would be too upset, as Kaushiki was soon to arrive.

Loved this Saree always. Earthen colours: rust and green with touches of black and white. And the entire earth recreated on the panels…. See little elephants, horses, dogs, birds, a porpoise, fishes, trees, boats, the sea and river, houses, people at their trades …. An entire ecosystem …

Thanks #100sareepact without which I would never have “seen” these things though I saw them everytime I wore these sarees.

Dinesh loved those panels and the way the colours bleed into each other at the border. Talk about border crossing and fluid borders and porosity of cultures anyone? He he he … Talking shop, I am.

Don’t miss my little elephant set: thanks Kaushiki Roy for getting them from Goa and ordering the earring to match, online!

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