91/100 @ #100sareepact

I said the 90s are really special.

Sita aur Gita.

She truly deserve this name as she’s a completely reversible Kanchipuram handloom cotton bought by my sister years ago in Kolkata. Reversible, as she can be worn with the green border and pallu or the blue border and pallu as there ARE TWO PALLUS , along with two coloured borders and there’s knotted edging on either side. I want to now start wearing the green side up and so get the Saree fall on the blue side!

Sita aur Gita was bought in the mid 90′ s to be precise. And she has her angelic twin staying with my mother, green and maroon Ganga jamuna border on an off white body. Ergo, Angelic.

Here are some blouse options too! On the blue pallu.
For those who care.

Really hot colours on quite a warm day at college, so the off white khesh sari blouse with the blue-red temple kantha and khesh border. But little did I know that there was to be a grand celebration of Samvidhan divas, and I was in the national colours, or almost!

But the day before was quite another thing! I wore this green and off white golden bordered cotton blouse, from among my latest collections. To Saksham Community centre for our last day of vacation lunch and performances. We were almost all in red coincidentally! And we learnt so much! From the Jai Ho and Aashaayen dancers , the “handwash song” singers, the skit performers and the spontaneous Anand who cooked both healthy and “unhealthy” food to show the children right ways of eating. He’s the seventeen year old wearing a cap to cover his shaven head. Healthy food being a thali with many different types of rotis, and the other, some oily and spicy Chinese and Thums up!

A gala event to conclude their vacation and a very fulfilling Gurpurab holiday on 25 th November!

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