89/100 @ #100sareepact


The fact that this was a day to be spent with students, extra lectures, my own lectures, two of my PhD students, and yes! Kids at Saksham, for a storytelling session, it was a right choice to name this one after the goddess of learning Saraswati, who is also called Swaratmika, which means the one whose very essence lies in sound, in words.

This simple cotton Saree was a hurried pick up from a nondescript shop in Shyambazar, something so cheap I couldn’t quite believe myself! It was so glamorous looking it was intended for Kaushiki Roy,and a blue one for Koninika Roy . I teamed it up with a kalamkari blouse I grabbed at Sima Chakravarthy’s…. And the two made a gorgeous pair. Chalk and cheese you said? Nah, it was like bread and cheese , more like!
Koninika I promise I’ll wear your blue Saree wuth this blouse too! ( shameless, greedy hog mother)

At least I thought so, and the comfort of a long sleeved boat neck blouse can only be attested by a wearer! Having the little girl on my knee after the session was like jam on bread! She was sweet!

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