86/100 @#100sareepact

Kaushiki. That’s my daughter. She wore this Saree last Kalipujo and went to the same temple as we did last night! She’s named after Kali, one of her gentle avatars. And the Kosi river, and it describes one covered with silken hair, yes her hair is unbelievably silky.

And this silky sari. Faux silk I think. Faux Baluchari design. With a bright golden yellow border with horses and a raja going on shikaar, and little, really little yellow, green and red flowers on the body. I liked this Saree for Kali puja when you normally wear black sari and also because this was my first latkan wala blouse!

Some saris are jhatpat buys.. Like this one I bought from P. Majumdar, Deshapriya park, Kolkata during a sale,totally unplanned, while buying a Saree for someone else. But it has worked. Good for the monsoon, and of course the less hot season! I was having a splitting headache while in the temple, but when Subroto Roy said “Chhobi tulte hobe na?” , ah! The smile, the pose the stance all came spot on! Khik Khik Khik!

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