85/100 @#100sareepact

Ajita. The winner. That’s what she is. My sister-in-law. Dutiful daughter, diligent doctor, devoted mother, sister and wife, doting grandmother and dear friend. My parents’ eldest, ( yes she’s my sister in law, nanad, but to them she’s the eldest daughter ) well, in every respect, she’s a winner.

This saree suits her so well no? I bought it for her from a tiny shop near Thane station but it was the best choice for her son’s reception. How she glows in it!

It’s a white self checked silk and yarn mixed Gadhwal pattern ‘fancy’ saree with Ari work and badla on the pallu and border. The pallu is indeed grand. It’s super light and stays smart and unfazed all day .. That’s what she wanted! Don’t know how they make a saree for your every need, eh?

Question is: why do I have all the best memory wala sarees ? Maybe to write these stories? Or that they gravitate towards me? Love and all that .. TLC!
Bah : actually everyone says you wear them … Take them … Keep them … Etc..

I wore it for the diya jalana and morning coffee at the Iyers next door .. the Roys had the privilege of the first coffee in the new percolator!

PC Subroto Roy after a long time!

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