This grand yellow saree is definitely a 100sareepact saree because It never opened. This beauty brought from Kalaniketan, Hyderabad during my post wedding time and It has given by me to my MIL’s mother. But somehow it came back to me as it is. She is having many sarees of the same colour but I dont have. I like this beauty. I kept is to wear on some occasion to come but occasions came but it never came out of my Trousseau. Today willingly it came out and as it is saying this is my day and only for 100sareepact. In memory of 100sareepact. This beauty is in double shade dual colour . Yellow with beautiful border and pallu has a golden thread work. Its not so clear in picture but this pally is very grand. So here it is atlast came out for this season because of 100sareepact. Thank you my dear Ally and Anju mams for your create idea. Because of you i am here and my sarees came out and having their blast and getting a fresh breath and sunshine.

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